Zigong three measures to stimulate investment enthusiasm ignited

although the country has a policy to guide us to start a business, but in the process of entrepreneurship will still encounter a lot of problems, which can not be separated from the gem itself to solve the problem, but also inseparable from the relevant government incentives. Zigong folk investment to improve supporting measures and implementing rules, the establishment of private investment information platform, government and social capital cooperation PPP model pilot, encourage private capital to participate in the management of construction projects, to support private investment to speed up access to the railway, municipal, energy, finance, social undertakings and other fields. Strive to complete the annual fixed asset investment 73 billion 800 million yuan.

guide banking institutions to urge the city to meet the credit scale, major projects and industries, small and micro enterprises and the three rural areas financing needs; and broaden the scope of private investment, the establishment of the relationship of Bank meeting system, through the chattel mortgage, equity pledge, trademark rights pledge, small loans etc. to solve the financing problems of enterprises. Strive for new loans 9 billion yuan, the new direct financing of $7 billion.

people now want to venture, the government will start the threshold is set very low, as long as you have a dream, a down-to-earth efforts to vigorously guide heart, coupled with the government, believe that your future is not a dream! The government to relax the threshold of private capital investment access, the implementation of the "negative list" management mode, so that no legal prohibition to enter; implementation of the first photo card reform, relaxation of market players domicile (place of business) registration, allowing market players a little more photos "," according to a multi site operation.

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