How much Xu Qixiu herbal tea

now, summer is coming. Herbal tea market has begun to heat up, you want to succeed in business, what is still hesitant? Hurry to choose to join Xu Qixiu herbal tea?

Xu Qixiu herbal tea franchise fee? Xu Qixiu herbal tea franchise fee is reasonable, one of the world’s most successful business model at present, in Europe and the United States has more than 70% of the business enterprise is the franchise mode of operation and management. At present, the rapid expansion of private investment funds, the increasing consumption of public power to promote the rapid development of franchising.

Xu Qixiu herbal tea how much to join the Xu Qixiu herbal tea has maintained a growth rate of more than 30%, it is predicted that by 2010, herbal tea production and sales volume of up to 60 million tons, becoming the world’s cold drink shop to join the new giant. Xu Qixiu herbal tea franchise fee is reasonable, the huge market potential that the herbal tea industry has become a new force xiangbobo, more and more began adding to the industry. Insiders speculate that with the development of market competition and maturity, the next 3~5 years, the herbal tea market will show a dominant, several brands jointly control the development trend of herbal tea market.

Xu Qixiu herbal tea? For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good opportunity to make money. Join Xu Qixiu herbal tea project, open a tea shop belonging to their own Xu Qixiu, you will find that, in fact, make money is so simple!

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