How to improve the profitability of the beautician

a lot of technology industry needs to train professional technical staff, a strong technical strength of the store, in terms of business or will occupy a very obvious advantage. For example, a beauty salon beautician through how to improve profitability? This is a lot of franchisees are very concerned about the problem. This is a problem that must be clearly understood. If you do not know, you can look at the next analysis.

(1) analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of

professional cosmetics

as a general necessities for women’s daily necessities, the market potential is huge. However, why many women will be keen to buy cosmetics brand stores, as well as a part of the department store counters or supermarkets to buy, but to the beauty shop to buy a little pathetic


think it over, we’ll see. This is because there are significant differences between professional beauty products and popular beauty products. In department stores, supermarkets and other sales of beauty products is to meet the general public skin care, makeup needs as the premise, and the beauty salon professional beauty products are targeted for the skin or special needs of customers. Only after the customer has some special requirements, will think of professional beauty products.

there are different is, in the press, radio, television and other mass media, popular cosmetics bombarded alarming momentum, while the professional beauty only in the professional media, appearing in the mass media is not a lot of opportunities.

it is necessary to emphasize the advantages of professional cosmetics. As we all know, thin classification is a major feature of professional cosmetics, it has strong pertinence, to meet the individual needs of customers, the mass cosmetics are not comparable. In addition, the beauty salon beautician beauty professionals, there will be a scientific nursing solution to the "problem" of customers, while the mass cosmetics sales staff even understand some professional knowledge, it is impossible to have a high level of beautician. In the beauty point of view, if the customer is patient, beautician is a large hospital medical experts, while the mass cosmetics sales staff is at best a poor health doctor.

(2) to allow personal charm to become product added value

does not have a professional beautician, the customer will not trust the beautician. A personal charm, must be established on the basis of the high technical level of the. The basic skill is the beautician to sell products. If a personal charm that can shine with dazzling brilliance, X inch and sell products is tantamount to the icing on the cake.

in the beautician and continuously improve their professional level at the same time, pay attention to improve the personal charm and sublimation, there will be more and more customers are attracted by the beautician. Full of spirit, optimistic attitude, decent clothes, good habits and funny recommendation

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