Henan face the poor to an antidote against the disease

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, China’s coastal cities have been greatly developed, some of the city’s economy has gradually entered the ranks of the world, but in some central areas of poverty has not been improved

. "Cure disease, run off", do not shout slogans, see the effect. Poverty alleviation is the focus of the work of Henan Province, Henan Provincial People’s Congress on the province’s poverty alleviation situation to give high attention. September 26th morning, the Henan Provincial People’s Congress heard the provincial people’s Government on the province’s special work report on the situation of poverty alleviation. The report shows, Lankao and Songxian 11 counties as "excellent performance".

it is understood that in our province to win the battle of poverty alleviation, can be described as capital, policy and industry support multi pronged, to pull the roots of poverty medicine, customized precise poverty "". It is understood that the provincial people’s Congress of the province’s poverty alleviation progress very seriously, will continue to focus on. The news triggered netizens hot, some netizens said that poverty alleviation will pull the roots of poverty mountain Yong an antidote against the disease, rolling stone hat! Good day, spell it out!


spell out the precise poverty, broad road

users "banner": the government poverty alleviation efforts and the effect is obvious, let everyone see the development and hope! No pain, no gain. Zhuangshiduanwan, a broad road!

netizen "vigorous relaxed: poor governance to some illness, an antidote against the disease, there are some tolls to poverty, poverty due to lack of science and technology. Try to find where the targeted government spending will be "significant effect".

people happy, just out of poverty

@: the essence of millet Rice porridge out of poverty is to let my hat, people live a good life! Wallets, day moisture, XinLiMei, truly out of poverty!

users golden sun: the report is too inspiring! Do practical things for the people, welfare, poor areas of hull, completely out of poverty they point the day and await for it! Give the thumbs-up!

who can not get rid of poverty and so on to

users: government funds appropriated copious and fluent ", for the good policy, work team residency poverty brought good projects, if we don’t own sweat, taste and so on to this day, the poor could do when coming to an end?

@ wheat field: good day, spell out! Poverty alleviation, the relationship between the common people (603883, stock it) of personal happiness. Poverty alleviation will pull the roots of poverty mountain Yong an antidote against the disease, rolling stone hat!

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