Local environmental protection in Fujian and other places to establish environmental monitoring poin

in the past because we blindly pursue the rapid economic development, thus ignoring our environment. The current serious environmental pollution, let us breathe fresh air and drink a healthy water, seems to have become a luxury. Therefore, the protection of the environment can not be slow. Local environmental protection in action, Fujian will build 2000 environmental monitoring points, and the following on the specific understanding of small.

Fujian: this year will build 2000 agricultural production environment monitoring point

according to the Fujian Provincial Department of Agriculture said, Fujian province will build 2000 agricultural production environmental monitoring point this year, the main agricultural products of our province (vegetables, fruit, tea, rice, etc.) the origin of environmental quality monitoring. It will be able to master the environment condition and the change trend of the production area in time, and it will have an important role in the scientific delineation of the protected areas.

Environmental monitoring of

agricultural products in the soil as the main object. The monitoring contents including the origin of the natural environment and social environment; the basic situation of main crops, fertilizer and pesticide use, garbage and sludge use, livestock and other agricultural products origin; pollution sources and pollutants, the approximate distance input farmland possible channels for heavy metal pollution situation.

Guangxi: water conservancy investment in the first half of the first ten billion

Department of water resources of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the first half of the

statistics are happy: 1 to June the region’s water conservancy and hydropower investment in fixed assets 10 billion 628 million yuan, an increase of 21.7%, first half of the investment of over ten billion yuan, a record high earlier.

in public finance for the overall tightening of water conservancy construction under the condition of Guangxi on water conservancy and hydropower investment high bujianfanzeng, mainly due to "a steady increase": one is the first half of the total for the implementation of the central and autonomous region water conservancy funds 8 billion 799 million yuan, essentially flat compared to last year, the financial investment scale remained stable; two is the investment in water conservancy construction of financial capital increase, the first half of the special construction funds, mortgage loans supplement and bridge loans and other support policies, the implementation of the general water conservancy construction and long-term loans of $3 billion 690 million.

Inner Mongolia: strengthening emergency response

the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government office issued the day before the "the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region environmental emergencies contingency plans (for Trial Implementation)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). "Plan" requirements, sudden environmental incidents should adhere to the unified leadership, graded responsibility, territorial based, coordinated linkage, rapid response, scientific disposal, resource sharing, the principle of strong security. According to the severity and development trend of environmental emergencies, the emergency response is set to level I, II, III and IV.

according to the regulations, the judgement of special recommendation

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