What are the characteristics of franchise stores

from 1980 to now, has been ingrained in Hamburg China catering market, since the reform and opening up, the introduction of Western fast food China after Hamburg brand has been in Chinese market standing in this context has greatly promoted foreign fast-food brands such as KFC and McDonald’s in Chinese market expansion. Although in recent years there have been some hamburgers have great harm to health of the speech, but Hamburg because of its convenient and affordable still occupy an unshakable position, still has broad market prospects in the city and rural areas, is still the choice of quality investment to join. So, for small and medium investors who have a hamburger shop?

What are the features of

franchise stores?

KFC, McDonald’s

the two presumably did not need to say, "the Uncrowned King fast-food field, stores around the world fast food brand, no wonder Wurenbuxiao.

Burger King

Burger King was founded in 1954, Jim McLamore and David Edgerton by American " " Huang Bao; the product is famous for burger king, once launched will cause a great sensation, at a distance less than 3 years. Burger King has always insisted on quality, low price, good service business philosophy, this philosophy, not only to promote the development of their own also led the Burger King, the progress of the whole industry. In 2005, Burger King entered by Shanghai China. Burger King now has more than 12100 restaurants in 76 countries.

pie Hamburg

Pala was founded in April 1999, is the earliest Chinese American fast-food enterprises, just 17 years, Pala has set up more than 2 thousand stores, has more than 2000 franchise stores across the country, 32 provincial regions, has become the leader in fast food Chinese worthy of the name. In 2013, it was awarded the title of Hubei province famous trademark, and became the first franchise enterprise recognized by the Ministry of commerce.



card is Bao Zi Zi Le burger restaurant group’s famous fast-food brands, combined with the Chinese traditional culture and the western style restaurant catering management concept, implementation of direct and brand agent model of development, adhering to the "delicious and healthy, do not let go!" the purpose, firmly do green food and health delicacy road.

China huge market, many consumers, the birth of the Hamburg franchise brand is more like the stars beyond count. Small series cited these Hamburg franchise is to give you want to join Hamburg to do a reference, these brands are stronger, goods >

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