The gem index finished down eventually fell 2000 points

stock market one day a kind, especially gem, but also people sigh helpless. Gem yesterday also was rushed and turned red, believe that entrepreneurs are happy somewhat, but the change is really fast, strong shock surprise, eventually fell 2000 points, down 1.57%.

the gem index yesterday opened lower to 1962.28 points after the shock upstream, the highest reached 2015.71, then down again, continued weak shocks, eventually closing at 1970.81 points, down 1.57%. The gem index yesterday turnover of 26 billion 228 million yuan, a slight amount of atrophy.

440 only deal in the GEM stocks, only 84 rose. Among them, yesterday listed shares Hao Zhi electromechanical freeze up 44.04% new Yi Cheng, Qianshan medicine machine (300216) and (300109) xinkaiyuan trading, powerful new wealth, Shanghai Xinyang (300236) and Kelvin new material (300234) rose 8.87%, 7.20% and 5.70%, the remaining shares rose 4% or less; 351 stocks fell, Anoky (300067) and Zhejiang Jinke (300459) decreases, respectively, down 9.78% and 7.59%, Baoli International (300135), emicon (300249) and (300411) golden shares fell more than 6%, while 9 stocks fell more than 5%.

the gem index yesterday morning once turned red, but then fell back, one hand due to the above 2000 points pressure, on the other hand, dragged down by the motherboard. Analysts pointed out that the short-term market will continue concussion, with periodic plate correction, oversold high growth stocks are expected to receive funding concerns, but still need to Qingcang flexible operation, high throw bargain hunting.



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