Baidu spent hundreds of millions of people to win Lee chicken soup or poison

The last third days of 2016

, Baidu has successfully attracted hundreds of millions of Internet users in the eye, however, this is not because of what the negative, but spent millions of yuan and vice president of Baidu’s position, the well-known marketing methodology from the media team Li Jiaoshou reverted to command.


Baidu is really like doing things on the billion yuan, 25 years old, the youngest vice president of Baidu, from the media, Li Jiaoshou…… Baidu put these keywords become a mix, stirred up a bowl of Chicken Soup for the majority of Internet users shocked, immediately to the new year new year’s day, this bowl of Chicken Soup for Baidu is quite occasional.

however, how to see how this all through a lot of strange, why say


: Baidu this strange reaction speed so fast. Remember some time ago Baidu’s youngest vice president Li Mingyuan? Li Mingyuan after the accident, whether it is guilty of anything? Will be transferred to judicial organs? And so on, Baidu has been in no position, really let the public opinion gave a fermentation. Today, just turn the morning, Professor Li at a public number in the article said Baidu was pushed close, and soon Baidu internal confirmation letter to the dragon of the outflow, is obviously a fast rhythm tone to public opinion. Saying, do not say that sometime? This is how to look like a "premeditated" good……


and Li Mingyuan was demoted to the dragon is to report, Li Mingyuan Powell left foot on the top of the Li beast, really is not the old not new to


: a strange two from the media, Baidu why get so scaled up to one hundred million, is still not enough, but also to send a vice president of title? Regardless of what can not bear the beast Lee, from the Baidu company in terms of this order, bureaucratic organization system is the inevitable existence, let a newly graduated not long, only 25 years old when 90 vice president, Baidu estimates there are many qualifications old people will be very unhappy, to convince the public that is basically impossible. Besides, when the vice president Li Mingyuan on how to stand 29 years old people, and resume is not good, Yibudengtian, a few years before when the vice president, and Li Jiaoshou’s situation is still relatively large difference.

of course, according to Baidu’s argument, Li Jing and his team next to marketing methods and Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology, big data and ecological resources combined to create more value for the majority of users. This is certainly one of the reasons of the Li acquisition team called the beast is stately, the Li Jiaoshou team of the value, and worth the money that can only wait for time to verify.

I have seen Li beast that part of the article, to be honest, his theory can still, as for how much his landing on the two said. But Lee called the beast himself said, there are a lot of companies have thrown an olive branch to let him go to the company responsible for marketing, the reason why he refused is afraid of being the company’s KPI bound, you >

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