Pornographic door so that the domain name market more active car brand domain became a sought after

20 this month (Wednesday).Asia domain officially opened to the general public to apply for registration, making the domain name market again active. In the "pornographic" registered by the domain name, "Edison Chan", "A Jiao", "Cecilia Cheung" and other pornographic names of the parties was registered as a trademark, many discerning investors start looking for investment opportunities from the domain name and trademark.

is now in the plunging stock market many investors in assets shrink, and corn (domain name investors) will turn again, put his hand to the "domain name" market. Recently, the name of Chinese compact SUV models TIGUAN Volkswagen was identified as "Tiguan", the reporter found that the Chinese domain name Tiguan Tiguan.Cn and.Com has been a registered users. Through its contact, contact the successful registration of "Huan Huan.Cn" and "Huan Huan.Com" domain name mr.. The person claiming to be the domain name industry veteran investor, still holding the hand of "Shanghai Tourism Festival.Com" a valuable Chinese domain. In a telephone interview, the person said registered domain name is Chinese Tiguan by car manufacturers had a generous repurchase domain name’s precedent (Yuejin Automobile purchase Chinese, spend millions of domain names) that prompted him to have registered the domain name of the idea. He told reporters that the car than the draft domain name domain name should be valuable, happy male domain can sell 120 thousand, he believes that the sale price is lower than the Tiguan.Cn not.

reporter also interviewed the Internet investors, known as the problem of domain name, known as a reporter told reporters in today’s Internet market, the domain name is based on the principle of first registration first access. Domain name is different from other commodities investment, because it is not renewable products, its unique has become the darling of the majority of investors. He said that compared to the.Asia domain name, the Chinese domain name is more worthy of investment in the Chinese market, at present, many governments, well-known companies have enabled the Chinese domain name, convenient for users to visit their website. So many people have moved to the industry investment, profit from a few, even in the domain of investment circle was also a millionaire. The name also calls for many businesses neglect the protection consciousness of intellectual property rights, resulting in many "corns" cybersquatting. In fact, to those businesses to alert, in the protection of their trademarks, brands at the same time, do not forget to protect their domain name.

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