Once the electricity supplier tax small sellers of the spring is coming

two sessions each year, although Ma is not representative of the Chinese people has been the focus of the two sessions this year, the balance of treasure and electronic invoices is bound to be a big hot spot. In fact, members of the committee called on the standardization of electricity supplier has not been the case this year, last year, the proposal was proposed to Taobao tax. Of course, the Ali loyal little darling, condemning the four.

actually, Ma also know to have a business and a tax operating profit generated by the body should be, but as of now the tax will affect small business innovation power grounds proposal later reconsideration. Is that true,


in fact, the tax is good, the invoice is worth mentioning for the country. E-commerce as a new industry in recent years, the number of transactions has been growing rapidly for several years, as of June 2013, the electricity supplier trading volume has accounted for 6.8% of the country’s total retail sales. And more than 8 of the C stores are concentrated in the Taobao platform. From the state of the economic data monitoring and monitoring platform, invoices and tax should be.

tax is an important way for the state to monitor economic activities, but also an important lever to adjust the income gap. It would be too narrow to understand the tax as the government’s exploitation of small sellers. At present, Taobao small sellers to fake and substandard flooding the market, Taobao tax loopholes to the price advantage to obtain benefits, in the sense that the integrity of law-abiding operators is not fair. Taobao also has many small sellers honest and trustworthy business, how to protect their interests?

at this level, iron brother is strongly supported by the small seller of Taobao tax, technically with electronic invoices can be solved. But you do not spray, iron brother has been expressed is to protect the interests of legitimate operators rather than squeezing small sellers. By taxing illegal operators found to be removed, rather than the monitor right now in Taobao, open eyes closed eyes get throught a thing carelessly. The integrity of the business operators can apply for tax relief and other forms of business to protect their own business, I believe that the Inland Revenue Department will actually consider this point. In addition, the Taobao business current government support was not enough, a lot of support funds is still in the store and technical aspects, the regulations if the implementation can be carried out according to the actual situation of the seller’s Taobao business support, Taobao sellers can get a government venture fund.

many people certainly want to spray, if you want to venture capital fund, and now you can give it, why have to pay taxes. First of all, the tax is an obligation, not only wants to know how a business is not going to return back to the society of love, the state may be exempt from tax, but the tax payer must pay taxes consciousness. Secondly, through the tax registration information to determine the actual volume of business model factors such as funding, avoid cheat subsidies.

actually, it’s a good thing for the seller. Now some large enterprises in addition to Tmall stores, often open C stores, such as the use of warehousing and logistics advantages such as price war, which can withstand the attack of small sellers. This kind of enterprise must be to adjust the price through the tax

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