Secret koala sea purchase why it will become Ding Lei’s secret weapon

[Abstract] double 11 Eve, there are statistics that koala sea purchase in October in Hangzhou Free Trade Zone Xiasha sunrise single volume more than Tmall international.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reports

is active in the field of China’s Internet, a NetEase entrepreneurial mission, but in the NetEase, it seems that in addition to the game, the previous venture is difficult to say many successful.

at the beginning of this year, NetEase founder and CEO Ding Lei launched NetEase koala, and quickly became the industry’s pivotal role. Eleven on the eve of the media published the October NetEase koala sea purchase report, in the country the most mature Hangzhou Free Trade Zone Xiasha sunrise single volume more than Tmall international, occupy half of local single volume, monthly sales surged 20 times in 6 months.

and in their own development, with the state to promote the development of e-commerce strategy and the formation of the Chinese increasingly active online shopping needs, cross-border electricity supplier ushered in the best development opportunities. According to the Ministry of commerce data, in recent years, the rapid growth of China’s overseas shopping, only a year in 2014, the number of people out of more than 100 million passengers, more than RMB 1 trillion yuan consumption abroad. The agency predicts that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity supplier trade volume will increase to $1 trillion, a huge market potential.

therefore, the Tencent of NetEase technology koala’s development history, advantages and disadvantages of the system of the sort, new business, cross-border electricity supplier in order to help better understanding of the outside world the Chinese Internet giant of the bright younger generation.

first, the development of history

January 2015, NetEase koala sea purchase beta. Domain name for web page display, web site set up maternal and child health, delicacy, beauty care and overseas direct mail four categories of goods.

January 15th, NetEase announced a strategic cooperation with Sinotrans Limited, the two sides cooperate in the development of cross-border e-commerce business.

April, the NetEase acquired Yuxi koala sea purchase music group through sustainable resource company (HeroGroup) in the first authorized domestic electricity supplier platform. NetEase koala purchase on-line hundred days, the layout of the electricity supplier ecosystem, launched a number of promotions.

May 20th, NetEase koala sea officially launched the purchase of love Carnival activities, subsidies 300 million yuan, with the full range of goods for a period of 6 days to participate in promotional. Then NetEase koala sea purchase is repeatedly launched price war.

June, Ding Lei personally led the executive team to purchase NetEase koala Sea brand contact.

two, management model and architecture

executive team: CEO Zhang Lei

is currently a subsidiary of NetEase, has not yet introduced external investment, the future plans to separate listing.

three, operating conditions

according to the latest earnings report, in the cross-border electricity supplier level >

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