Jcipc Tengyun hotel management software 360 degrees hassle prevention Hotel vulnerability


recently, the media exposure of a hotel in Nanning for Discovery Inn Hotel cashier paper accounts management loopholes, playing the evil idea, the use of his office, within a year of unauthorized occupation of the hotel room 60 thousand multivariate.

text is how to implement a rich plan


a Discovery Inn Hotel to check out the tenant registration, accounting, but the temporary departure state of the tenant is only registered, but will not be accounted for. She felt that the hotel management of this loophole, the tenant can be handled himself as a temporary leave, can be unnoticed, trapped in paying back the principal tenant.

: as a tenant of this hotel before, must first pay 1629 and 200 yuan deposit, to get back the deposit at the checkout. Text to help check out a procedure, the return of the deposit, and the tenant will be classified as temporary leave the house in the computer, private detention. Text each registered a temporary leave, you will be able to illegally profit 200 yuan to 1000 yuan.

hotel manager in the accounting 1629, carefully check the "temporary leave status statistics tenants, they found more than 100 guests in a temporary leave, but did not register a corresponding housing fund and accounted for, only to find the problem.

this news out, so that a lot of hotel CEOs quite worried, especially in the hotel is often not the boss, can not always stare at the hotel. Hotel loopholes emerge, how to guard against


best software: provide professional solutions

authoritative industry experts jcipc Tengyun hotel management software, for the mid-range hotel information leading brand. Hotel exclusive launch of the remote query tool, become a secret weapon for the majority of owners favor, hotel managers provide tangible convenience, and this function has been imitated, has now become the mainstream of hotel management software standard. The software has a strong financial management and set up to help the hotel owner 360° no dead corner to prevent loopholes, has become the hotel’s private security housekeeper!

1, all operations are well documented, once the occurrence of accounting mistakes, at any time according to the operation records to identify the reason.

2, by docking with the door lock, can prevent the issuer does not register, check out the card does not clear the vulnerability of the

3, through the control of the docking can be controlled when the room is not free, TV, air conditioning and other appliances can not be opened, to avoid the occurrence of service card room occupancy.

4, different positions, different powers, powers and responsibilities clear.

jcipc software technical director also said that the hotel management software vulnerabilities have been hotel managers a headache, when the proposal of hotel managers in the Select Hotel management system, we must choose well-known brand hotel management system, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

heavy good news!

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