State Administration of Taxation during the year shall not organize tax inspection of the electricit


Times News (reporter Zhao Peng) yesterday, the State Administration of Taxation issued on adhere to the tax law to better serve the economic development of the views, clearly require the tax authorities at all levels shall be specially organized this year for the full tax assessment and tax inspection of a new industry, new business models.

State Administration of Taxation said that this year, China’s economic downward pressure is still large, the tax authorities at all levels should not add any adverse factors for economic operation. Opinions that the tax authorities at all levels should actively support the healthy development of new formats and new business models. To this end, we should take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, and constantly improve the emerging formats, new business model of tax policy support system and management services. The first thing is to optimize the policy environment, in-depth analysis of the electronic commerce, "Internet plus" and other emerging formats, new business models, and actively explore to support the development of tax policy measures, especially in the initial stage, a small but promising, is conducive to the public business, innovation of new economy, to strict implementation of the corporate income tax, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and business tax policies, and resolutely stop the illegal phenomenon of tax.

State Administration of Taxation, said the tax authorities at all levels should not be a unified organization for a new format, the new business model of a comprehensive tax assessment and tax inspection.

in addition, the State Administration of Taxation, the tax authorities at all levels of non violation of the provisions of the tax laws and regulations and beyond authority levy, levy in advance or reduction of or exemption from taxes, duties apply, and resolutely prevent and severely punish the "guotoushui", idling, r.taxes, assault and other violations of taxation. The tax authorities at all levels to fully implement the preferential tax policy, firmly do not implement the preferential tax policy is the "guotoushui" concept, not because of income tax collection difficult situation, but not seriously implement the preferential tax policy. Tax authorities at all levels should take effective measures to ensure that the development of small and micro enterprises to support the expansion of consumption, promote scientific and technological innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and other aspects of the implementation of preferential tax policies.

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more tax bureau interviewed electricity supplier

media recently reported that since April, including Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen and other coastal provinces and cities nationwide, the main tax authorities have been interviewed within the jurisdiction of the business enterprise. Media interviews found that the majority of the tax bureau is the name of "tax risk management and tax assessment" business interviews.

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