Cloud domain name iCloud com information change is indeed Apple purchase

It is reported that in June 1st

news, after the market rumors of Apple paid $4 million 500 thousand to the price of the acquisition of cloud computing domain from the Swedish companies, today has been changed to the query domain information Apple Corp name, confirmed after the news of the acquisition.

yesterday morning I have to query the domain name is still in Sweden IT service Xcerion name, today I once again the query domain information, domain name has been changed to the apple name, confirmed that Apple’s acquisition of the domain name, the domain name last change time is more than 9 yesterday evening, the domain name is to renew in 2019.

on the other, the Swedish IT service Xcerion is the official domain name has been changed to, users can now access the domain name to jump to the domain, domain name is Xcerion in April this year the company acquired, it also said that the current Apple Corp has not yet officially opened the domain name industry speculation, after the time is ripe, Apple will make use of the the domain name will probably launch service operations, cloud technology related products.

After Google launched

cloud concept domain at home and abroad, it will set off a cloud of domain name registration boom, cloud domain is high priced acquisition, after operation, 360 companies successfully acquired "cloud" 3 double domain etc..