Web analysis and CMS integration 2014 website analysis of the top 10 trends forecast

2013 was a great year for Web analysis. We see almost every site analysis vendors are in progress.

2013 is worth mentioning the achievements are:

Google has introduced tag management and some other cool features such as automatic event tracking.

Google Analytics population data analysis.

Adobe company launched a connection to the Adobe Analytics interface, which shows the site analysis for an enterprise’s importance.

label management companies such as TagMan and Tealium have a large number of new customers as well as large round of financing.

Driven by the rich experience of

, the development of Web analysis in 2014 will be faster. Here are the top 10 trends in our 2014 website analysis.

1 better content analysis tool

when it comes to content (text, images, video, etc.), most Web analysis platform will display the same data – browse, landing page access, the next page, jump out of the page, etc.. In order to participate in the actual content of the report, analysts need to use better content analysis tools to track, such as scrolling, mouse movement, zoom and highlight.

2 multi access click path

now, almost all of the site analysis platform, are focused on a single access report. In fact, continuous tracking variables can be used to display multiple access properties, site owners need to see changes in visitor behavior, product / service development to provide better support.

3 physical interaction tracking

the way we interact with the web is changing. Touch screen laptop, mobile phones, tablet PCs, Web browser game system, allowing us to interact with the physical network. Web analytics platform needs to help us track zoom, device orientation, tilt and other body movements. The current Web analytics platform to track this type of interaction requires a large number of custom JavaScript. In 2014, we would like to see web analytics tools provide this type of dialog tracking.

4 better video tracking

over the past 5 years, the site uses more and more video content, but most of the web analytics platform does not help analysts to analyze the video visitors. Web analysis of manufacturers should provide better box video tracking function.

5 multi domain tracking

many companies, large or small, have multiple sites across the domain. Their potential customers, customers, partners, employees, etc. are likely to cross domain multiple visits or separate visits. But most of the Web analysis platform can not cross domain tracking. Although this does not