Mobile application market survey developers are very busy income is very meager


Tencent Francisco (David) in Beijing on August 11th news, according to foreign media reports, "Forbes" website published an article before, compared to the apple iOS, Google (micro-blog) and Microsoft Windows data Android Phone three mobile platform in application development, no matter which platform, developers with direct income from the sale of application are very low, such as the average Android application download only for developers to bring less than 2 cents.

the following is the main content of the article:

over the past few years, people with unprecedented enthusiasm into the iOS and Android mobile application development. However, according to the installed base of each mobile platform and payment information of different companies, the majority of developers in this area of meager income.

industry generally believe that Google with 900 million users dominate the mobile market, Apple’s 600 million iOS users followed, Microsoft ranked third, Windows Phone mobile phone sales of about 12 million (81% sold by NOKIA).

each mobile platform wants to attract application developers, each company will also be different ways to show their market size.

apple in its WWDC world Developers Conference, said the app store has 1 million 250 thousand applications, a total of 50 billion downloads, has paid $5 billion to developers. For apple, is a sum of money paid to the developer community such a matter of pride, but sources close to Apple said the internal data from Apple’s App Store display, this figure is close to the actual amount paid to developers.

and Google, the world’s largest Android Developers Conference on, Google claims that its Google Play store has more than 800 thousand applications from the developer of the 150 thousand. Although Google has not announced the application amount of revenue, but the recent financial report, Google paid about $900 million to developers, external research analyst believes that the total number of applications to download the Google Play store is about 48 billion times, close to Apple figures.

at the same time, Microsoft claims that its app store has 160 thousand applications from the developer of the 45 thousand. In an interview recently, Microsoft executives have said that the average user to download 54 applications, which makes the cumulative amount of Microsoft application downloads up to 650 million times. Although Microsoft has not announced the performance data of the mobile sector, but according to the past few quarters Microsoft 10-Q report mentioned in the introduction of the app store before and after payment to speculate that since 2011 has about $100 million in spending should be attributed to the app store.

according to these data, we can summarize as follows: