Pharmacy network Qin Guoliang medicine B2C threshold and outlet

July 19th feature (reporter Wang Xingyu) Qin Guoliang graduated from the Harbin Medical University, along with the reform of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, leaving the school, into the factory, doing counter display. In 2002, Qin Guoliang home in Beijing, obsessed with the start of the pharmaceutical retail.


from the rent store on sale, to know the goods to display, try to figure out from WAL-MART, to imitate the pharmaceutical retail industry Montana China in the pharmaceutical retail industry veteran of 10 years of Qin Guoliang believes that the pharmaceutical sales should eventually go on the road of direct marketing. Qin Guoliang said that direct marketing is to try to keep consumers spending. This approach has more than 100 years of history in the United states. The beginning of the newspaper is advertising, what you need to mail the past, the constant repetition of goods, durable consumption is the core.

in Qin Guoliang’s view, direct marketing is the basis of electronic commerce, medicine electronic commerce should take the direct marketing of the road, the line of thinking and operating under different " pharmacy should, in the store selling drugs is more common in the shop selling drugs is better, less common better & quot;. With cold medicine, for example, in pharmacies, can cure cold medicine is the core of goods. The electronic commerce, the continuous improvement of the immune system is the core of vitamin C products, cold medicine is an auxiliary commodity.

" 07 years came to the pharmacy, I know what is called online store " Qin Guoliang came to the pharmacy network is a major turning point for him, before the 07 focus is on the stores, online pharmacies for him is just a window, looking out of the window, Qin Guoliang found his medical career will have retail a larger world.

Characteristics of

pharmaceutical B2C

in the view of Qin Guoliang, other e-commerce company’s competitiveness is the price, quality, and pharmaceutical B2C competence is the professional service " consumers need to take the medicine on, then it is cheap ".

medicine B2C professionalism is the first qualification. Online sale of drugs must be made "Internet drug trading service agency qualification certificate" and "Internet drug information service qualification certificate", Taobao mall currently only achieved the latter. Qin Guoliang believes that these two certificates are not just written form, " these certification is behind your management system to ensure the safety of medication. As a kind of medicine you are selling fake or what, to ensure you can immediately check the system to the production of counterfeit drugs is who, where come in, to the whole process from the production of raw materials, including the formation, can immediately check out. This is a national drug production and retail sales of a system, that is, GSP certification. "

is more important in service. " see a doctor in the hospital to find a good like the doctor, competition is the medicine is professional, not drugs. So sell drugs and other lines