Li Yi core characters for the first time to restore those who are angry by the nternet

The beginning of the 2016

emperor Facebook event, the main Baidu messenger Post Bar Li Yi eye-catching. This is not the first time this group into public view, more than ten years, the angry Internet used to collective organizations in the prolonged the burst it continue to absorb new members like-minded, scale up to twenty million people annually, has developed into a complete power system and operation principle of virtual society.


scale is growing, while Li Yi’s staff composition and inherent temperament is also a thought-provoking change. In the eyes of the witness, Li Yi’s early thinking, fear power and courage to criticize doubt, had been one of the most creative and the spirit of independence and freedom Chinese Internet world organization but later, "grass root" concept of the fountainhead, once the flashing light, Li Yi’s idealism is entertainment, young and emotional, a series of meaningful change.

in a sense, the evolution of Li Yi’s history can also be seen as a microcosm of the refraction of social development and change. Here’s a variety of stories, often can be found in reality. "Wisdom" by Li Yi’s family GQ in the development of a number of key figures in the in-depth visits, and try to find why it was born, and where you are going.


a group of people accustomed to anger, once again into a collective anger. Passionate leaders issued orders, young people like tide scored the other.

‘s 19 year old Lu Ziyang is one of them. At half past eight in the morning, he stood under the Harbour Bridge to call his girlfriend’s cell phone, mixed with excitement and anger. The freshman of University of New South Wales was expected to meet with his girlfriend to spend a pleasant day, but this time he has to see themselves as the embodiment of justice, not to enjoy two of the world’s interest.

"plan to change, come home with me to jihad."

an hour later, two people in Lu Ziyang rented apartment opened Baidu post bar, Li Yi’s home page, query war information. This action has been repeated countless times Lu Ziyang, although just adult, but six or seven years ago he was a heavy user of it, Li Yi.


January 20, 2016. Young people from all corners of the globe gathered in front of their screens on the day of the Holy war". In Li Yi the two thousand million people in the huge organization, these different backgrounds different characters of young people with a unified embodiment of identity – Dili expeditionary force, shouting with a slogan: "emperor, a


sporadic war ignited four days ago. The leaders of the Taiwan region on the eve of the election, a man named Zhou Ziyu Taiwan female artist first because of variety shows in the "fine day flag" waving by mainland netizens angrily for a "Taiwan independence", and released an apology video statement in support of "a Chinese" angered Taiwan.