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days ago, the National Copyright Administration issued a notice of People’s Republic of China public "copyright law" (Draft) to the public comments, the draft text and a brief description of the draft. At the same time, the notice also announced the ways and means of public opinion.

in July 13th last year, the State Copyright Bureau held in Beijing, "copyright law" the third revision of the start of the meeting and the appointment of experts, marking the copyright law, the third amendment officially started. To listen to the community comments and suggestions, the State Copyright Bureau invited community views including the revision of administrative organs, the people’s court, social organizations, research institutes, industry experts and scholars to nearly 200 units and individuals on the "copyright law". Subsequently, the State Copyright Bureau specially commissioned the copyright field influential three teaching and research unit (Renmin University of China Law School of intellectual property, intellectual property Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, intellectual property research center) are drafting the "copyright law" revised draft expert advice.

revision of the draft released a total of eight chapters, the eighty-eight, the new added a lot of content. Among them, according to the basic requirements of the international conventions, in the current copyright law, the author adds the necessary content, such as the author’s right to rent, the performer’s rental right, the technical protection measures and the right management information. Some of the industry’s repeated calls for the urgent need and in practice, and in the process of soliciting opinions preliminary consensus on the content of the draft amendment also writes for the first time, such as the organization for collective administration of copyright collective management, extension works of applied art, the right to network dissemination of information and broadcasting rights definition, attribution, attribution of audiovisual works post works and works the right of exclusive license and transfer registration, copyright administrative dispute mediation etc..


the public comment deadline is April 30th of this year, the proposed changes and comments from all walks of life can be.

"copyright law" (Revised Draft) once published aroused strong concern of the industry, industry experts believe that some of the new content reflects the social development and technological progress requirements. But there are also experts believe that the draft is not very mature, there still exist some obvious problems, will cause the social aspects of the dispute.

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September 7, 1990, copyright law by the seventh session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress adopted the fifteenth meeting, and on June 1, 1991 formally implemented.

in October 27, 2001, "the decision on Amending the < the copyright law of the People’s Republic of China, >," was adopted at the twenty-fourth session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China on behalf of the people’s Republic of China ()