The first WeChat O2O concept store opened in the top grade discount store in Hangzhou

[Abstract] as the first WeChat O2O concept store, top grade discount to get through online and offline, set up a full channel service system.


Tencent technology Wang Xin reported on April 25th

retail department jointly launched WeChat O2O new gameplay. The top grade discount WeChat experience store in Hangzhou today officially opened in Xiasha district. Consumers shop in addition to the use of WeChat to pay, you can also put the goods on the WeChat account for the purchase of online shopping cart or courier home.

as the first WeChat O2O concept store, top grade discount to get through online and offline, set up a full channel service system. President Lee said in the top grade discount department stores under the line, need to use the mobile Internet to promote the transformation of the traditional management system.

in order to meet the shopping needs of consumers in the mobile era, the top grade discount stores to break the traditional boundary. Consumers shopping in the store, in addition to the existing store WeChat payment and on-site delivery, can also be put into the WeChat shopping cart. Even if you leave the store, you can pay at any time on WeChat, and choose to express the goods to the door or to the store from mentioning.

in addition to the store, subway, bus stop advertising, corporate cafeteria tables surrounding the school and any other can sweep yards, can become a top grade virtual store display, customers can directly buy goods through the corresponding WeChat.

limited time limit to the traditional way of shopping through the mobile Internet to break the limits of time and place, for the retail department stores in the impact of the sale of the network to provide a new way of self-help.

uses WeChat to launch O2O new gameplay

in the top grade discount WeChat store experience, the ubiquitous WeChat figure to make the shopping experience more rich. Users pay attention to the top grade discount Hangzhou WeChat public account, consumers can get including feedback messages for goods, orders, payment, delivery, shipping, logistics and return all the shopping process.


is the top grade discount Hangzhou WeChat public account shopping cart (Tencent technology plan)

in addition to the normal shopping, access to the WeChat line shop also added more marketing activities. After the discovery of Tencent technology experience the following marketing:

1 WeChat flash purchase area. Here is placed in a limited period of three days of sale of special merchandise. Consumers with a two-dimensional code after scanning the goods can be paid directly with WeChat payment.

2 WeChat whole point spike area. The top grade discount on the TV screen display products WeChat to pay two-dimensional code seckill. Every point to open to consumers, who first scan and complete the payment, who can take the goods at very low prices.

3 WeChat cool running contest. Consumers use WeChat account landing on the big screen running race interface. The faster the mobile phone, the representative of the consumer

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