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There are rumors of Jingdong investment

mall green tomatoes, but Zhang Lijuan denied this to be. (Chen Xinyan / chart)

              Author: Southern Weekend reporter Chen Xinyan from Shenzhen

although free to borrow and express the door to send books and books and other elements, making the popularity of green tomatoes is very prosperous, but the logistics problem leads to a long road to its profitability, cooperative enterprises are mostly tempted and wait and see attitude. The combination of traditional industries and the Internet is the trend, but "free" is not one, but a double-edged sword.

stay at home, you can enjoy a modern library, and do not pay a penny, a Shenzhen qingfanqie website provides such services: you only need to register and pay a deposit, you can borrow books for free. The difference lies in that the other will be delivered to the door, and after the expiry of the loan book.

is green tomatoes crazy? Almost all the people who have heard or experienced the service will ask the question.

before the green tomatoes, some companies are trying to build an online library. In 2008, Beijing has a company called "book net" website, the slogan is "the same online rent books, free from". However, with the green tomatoes on the individual free of charge is different, the reader in this site to borrow books, you need to pay 70 yuan to $1800 per share and deposit.

green tomatoes only received the deposit, no dues, is a subversion of the book net model. Green tomatoes registered in the website, readers to pay 110 yuan deposit to become a member, can borrow two books, lending time is 14 days; to pay 210 yuan, can borrow 4 books, borrow time for 21 days, and so on, the highest can pay 510 yuan deposit, library 10, time for 56 days. After the end of the book, also can use, there is no limit to the number. If you do not want to borrow, deposit is refundable.

moreover, green tomatoes also announced that, if you want to read the book does not, as long as it is not too uncommon, fill in a stock registration, the staff will go to purchase, to meet the needs of readers.

Each service network to provide

green tomatoes, almost all by their own pay, it is not charity, not charity, it depends on what

make money?

hope enterprise library

The founder of

green tomato network hopes to become one of the main profit channels.

in the home page of the site, click on each of the enterprise Museum, you can enter a number of enterprises such as Sinopec, ICBC and other enterprises of the library, the top of the page, is the introduction of various enterprises. The following is a popular book recommendation, teacher courses.

Zhang Lijuan, vice president of

green tomato to the Southern Weekend reporter, they charge to the enterprise >

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