Google Adsense Nanjing conference news reports

webmaster network July 3rd news: Google Adsense Nanjing conference held in Jinling Hotel, meeting content to optimize advertising, account security, Google Analytics statistical tools to answer and end station.

period of concern is for the optimization of advertising with the first Google Adsense conference in a place where the conflict is about the attitude of the station advertising. Last year, Shanghai Google Adsense during the meeting, the official download station advertising ppt also made a presentation of the above example is the effect in the official permission of the best advertising position to make a problem of the interactive presence of webmaster, I answered this question, the more profound memories, I said on the download it is next to the address, the official default allowed, but today after attending the meeting, please pay attention to the webmaster, can put in the download address above or below the basic judgment for invalid clicks, please and modify the way of advertising. The problem with Liao Xi Shen Kai has stated, please pay attention to the user experience, in order to secure your account for you to receive timely monthly Google Adsense check, please timely correction.

During the period of

as a guest to the graph king boss represents the webmaster some questions to the official, the specific leader said that the most classic words: for the webmaster optimization is not a problem, the most afraid of is optimized to a certain extent can’t go into account! We can see that it is still vulnerable groups, ah, sad ah, but for the presence of Google Adsense China group account problems are relatively more secure.

the meeting is strongly recommended the official statistical tool, Google Analytics, I also used, but the interface is not very friendly, so then there is no touch, this tool is Google, spend huge sums of money to buy back, before each need to pay 100USD fees account statistics, now free for everyone to provide Google so, to see the money we can consider. Ha ha, the specific function, the specific benefits I do not say much, statistics is the statistics, we use a little know. The account security Google Adsense team also said they are very careful to account suspension, is generally not wrong to kill, because not only has the automatic machine processing, to a greater extent is the manual processing, the staff will look carefully at the site, if there is a violation of their e-mail warning, but if it met incorrigible….. Asking for, no way.

the whole meeting lasted 2 hours and ended at 1 p.m. at about 3.


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