SAC said in 2010 the special rectification of illegal advertising focus

learned from the central government portal:

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 20 February, (reporter Zhang Xiaosong) the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other departments on 2010 before the introduction of "false advertising illegal special rectification work to implement the views of", medical, pharmaceutical, health food advertising, as well as involving illegal, vulgar bad advertising was defined as the focus of special rectification.

reporter learned from the General Administration of industry and Commerce on, false advertising illegal rectification of the focus of the following four aspects:

in 2010

is directly related to people’s health and safety, medical drugs, health food advertising, harm the physical and mental health of minors involving illegal, vulgar bad advertising, disturbing public order, affect social stability seriously false and illegal advertising.

– the provincial TV stations, large and medium city TV station economic life channel, city newspaper media advertising, TV shopping ads, with health information section (bar). The name and form of news reports in advertising.

– illegal online "sex drug" advertising, sexually transmitted diseases treatment of advertising and vulgar bad advertising, the use of the Internet to publish false drug advertising.

– the focus of mass complaints, illegal advertising rates remain high in the region and the media.

SAIC official said that in 2010 the false and illegal advertising special rectification work will continue to rectify and regulate simultaneously, strengthen the advertising review before release control, dynamic supervision, after the release of the law, establish a sound regulatory enforcement linkage mechanism, strengthen the source of governance efforts, and strive to create a healthy and orderly market environment of advertising.

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