Google AdSense to determine some of the criteria for cheating

A friend of

have this opportunity and haven’t met for a long time the Chinese GG together! I have some GGAD on some standard confidential chat with him that you don’t laugh! Ha! I said today that the purpose is not to help you to cheat! But let us know not to do

violation of the provisions of the GG some things! I have a rough summary, we can refer to!

when I was drinking tea, I asked my friend, and I said, why do you know when you’re in the house of the people that you’re cheating?.

and I’m doing this recommendation so Hey Hey my friend gave me a little wind. He said, in fact, we mainly through the IP to judge.

because the main point is to do advertising click IP address. These IP into a database for analysis. Once found to have the same or associated with the alarm can be sent! And then check it manually, and there is a click rate can also be viewed. Unusual words, as long as the artificial analysis of observer once found cheating immediately automatically


then I asked again, I said it was so simple! I said I did not see a lot of people on the Internet that you can analyze the computer hardware address


my friend smiled and said: ha ha! I tell you the truth, if only through the WEB is more can not know. Be able to get the computer hardware address as long as the software products that are some of our products installed in the user’s address so as to know

! It is in the software with a white horse. My friend said here I understand! If you do not install these products, then the GG will not be able to know your hardware address. I also smiled (because I do not understand these HA)

and then I was a little curious! No matter what kind of purpose I have! Hey! In fact, I would also like to cheat Caesar! I am also a person who want money ah! Ha ha

I went on to see what I saw online to ask him! I said I saw a lot of people on the Internet are said to be a lot of K!

my friends don’t keep anything, he said to me: there are a lot of these people are cheating. There is a time in advertising browsing is too short and there is a problem! This is usually browsing! This person we are very easy to judge! But there are some really are we wronged! But this is no way. After all, our staff is limited! Can also be wrong including our machine software! And there is a lot of them are very poor site quality is very poor! It has no value to us! Because we will be judged according to his website quality when a user’s Letter No. This is! Are important for us and advertisers.

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