The reason why the end of the fence network service providers to stop the domain name resolution cau

fence is a well-known local consumer website, with 3 million members, and its fence forum in white-collar workers also enjoy a high visibility. From the beginning of 25, the fence network domain name can not be resolved for up to four days, the fence has repeatedly stressed that the network has not been involved in yellow, and made a special trip to Beijing to find relevant departments to communicate.

fence net days before the announcement that domain failure problem has been solved, can be accessed through fence net and decoration, building materials, automobile, wedding, baby, School of business channel now, the forum can be accessed through

reporter found that, although the has been able to log into the fence forum, but the domain name is displayed,". At the same time, check the URL in the domain name service provider new fence net, the word shown is still "received notice of the higher authorities, domain name corresponding to the site suspected of spreading pornographic information, illegal trafficking in firearms, has stopped the domain name resolution service".

January 29th, in another development, the famous Shandong Shun net life website ( also issued a statement on January 27th 17:00 to January 29th 11:30 during the period of normal access to friends to apologize, said the notice China Internet Network Information Center has never issued a lock of domain name. Therefore, in the complaints have been submitted to the CNNIC application, the site in January 29th 11:30 recovery.

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