YAHOO was acquired by Microsoft the nternet will be re staged a dragon and a tiger in combat

YAHOO was the new economy, is synonymous with the internet. Now may be acquired by Microsoft.

latest news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft Corp proposed to $44 billion 600 million ($31 per share) price of the acquisition of Yahoo Corp. According to a statement released by the PR Newswire Microsoft said the bid was 62% higher than YAHOO’s closing price yesterday. Microsoft said that YAHOO shareholders may choose to pay cash or stock as required.

think that year, Yahoo cultivated Google, Google from the rise to the current development in the field of search Yiqijuechen, YAHOO is getting worse, employees have switched to Google, the market value and Google gap is more and more big, Yang Zhiyuan also personally, after half a year but still can cut more than 1 thousand. From Yang Zhiyuan for a long time did not pay attention to YAHOO China, it can be seen, YAHOO headquarters backyard fire, no time to take into account the Chinese market. On the contrary, Google President Schmidt is indeed very concerned about the Chinese market, indicating that people in the United States has been able to put the main battlefield, pay attention to the Chinese side.

if Microsoft really acquired YAHOO, then the myth of Bill Gates will continue to continue, Microsoft has to stand under the flash. This time, I believe Bill Gates won’t miss the chance again. What the play will be staged in the Internet, we will wait and see…

Microsoft acquisition of YAHOO, and Google search competition, regardless of when the competition, can be predicted, will have a profound impact on the Internet industry. Interestingly, Google China and YAHOO China as an important part of goole and Yahoo, will be what kind of pattern. The refined Li Kaifu, aggressive Ma, two is not what the intersection of the biggest names in the industry and how performance. Originally Google Chinese and Yahoo China two by Baidu press just to warm each other Similarly afflicted people pity each other., hold together, now because of a takeover bid, but also picked up the weapon, while the two Marshal each take up arms, and different style. Wonderful show, will be staged…

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