The acquisition of 58 city network of excellence is not picky chicken ribs

Sina Technology Mu Yuanyuan

58 recent moves frequently, news constantly. This is not fair and fade out of sight, there came to buy news. The morning of May 8th, the 58 city to confirm the completion of the recruitment website acquisition, but the acquisition did not disclose the transaction amount.

long, accept the market seems not difficult to understand why to take a continued loss of Chinahr


yesterday, reliable sources said excellence has begun to appear the customer back orders, ChinaHR starts from today scale layoffs, and even does not rule out the abolition of all staff. In fact, about the layoffs, to close the branch is not the news today Weakness lends wings to rumours., an internal letter to confirm these rumors, that sold in 58 city, from now on to complete the transaction. The letter also indicated that original parent company of Ireland Shanglong group will exit its business in China and the lifting of employee contract, has authorized FESCO and all employees on the termination of the contract issues, including compensation calculation and payment issues.

it is understood that the acquisition of the acquisition of assets, which is essentially different from the traditional sense of the acquisition. That is not to acquire the legal entity of the original company, but the selective acquisition of assets. Generally, the value of the part of the seller’s identity is clearly defined by the purchaser, and usually there is no time for a thorough due diligence of the entire legal entity. The risk and obligations associated with the sale of the method to the entity’s historical operations are still subject to the seller’s responsibility.

at the same time, 58 city made it clear that the acquisition will be divided into two stages: namely original parent company of Ireland Shanglong group, will exit the business in China, and will be responsible for the follow-up matters related with staff. In the 58 city transaction, in addition to the completion of brand assets, and will employ part of team staff.

the decline of excellence was founded in 1997, is the first professional recruitment website, the main audience for high-end crowd workplace. From the campus recruitment, social recruitment, headhunting services, high-end recruitment process outsourcing services solutions provide a full range of recruitment

2008 is 2006 to three years, high-speed development period, at and Zhaopin, occupy the most common future recruitment field layout. Another data show that in three years, especially in the 2006-2007 years, Shanghai area resume charge amount can reach qianchengwuyou 60%-70% level, in 2007 the network of excellence in the recruitment network advertising for the first time exceeded the qianchengwuyou. Until 2009 the campus recruitment market, still accounted for more than 70% market share.

today, the Chinese Elite skill already changed hands again, less than a year. This >

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