The nternet to squeeze Taobao Baidu change constantly like cloud and wave

      Baidu to squeeze Taobao internet change constantly like cloud and wave, Lu

      – this dish of water, too sudden, too late, too cold

      data show that nearly 50% of users access to the C2C e-commerce site before the search service. Since Baidu’s search engine market share has exceeded 70%, which means that more than 1/3 Taobao traffic is also obtained through Baidu search. Once, Taobao is one of the largest customer of Baidu marketing business, both sides have close relations of cooperation, Taobao also started Baidu help. Then in the eBay portal offensive, Taobao simply can not put ads on the portal site, and put on Baidu and put personal site has become a Taobao internet promotion all. Today, Baidu is going to enter the C2C, engage in e-commerce, Taobao, which is more than 1/3 of the contribution of Baidu search traffic estimates to play a big discount.

      who knows that the "search engine" + "e-commerce" model is a key factor in the success of eBay, google+ebay’s success model has been recognized. It can be imagined that, Taobao certainly in the early years and Baidu have been consulted on the bundling of matters, but Baidu has not done so. Summary: Baidu’s entry into the C2C and not the head. Now it seems that Baidu is ready to enter the c2c.

      now Alibaba listed in the planning, passion roadshow, Baidu is the most exciting moment in Ma, throwing him a plate of cold water. Since then, Ma may not need to find a magnifying glass opponents.

      it’s just the water, it’s too sudden, too late, too cold.

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