Buy industry reshuffle failure rate of 86% of the market is not a single big has entered the era of

Xinhua Hangzhou March (reporter Wei Hui) recently, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the latest data show that since the beginning of the group to buy, the number of buy site closed 5376, closing rate of up to 86%. Small group buy site has been spread to the forefront of the site, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants to join the group to buy the industry officially entered the fight father era".

buy corporate survival rate of less than 20% of the group needs to increase

domestic group purchase website tick group recently announced that March 31st will be officially closed group purchase business to a new business model. Has a space for one person in the group purchase market, the world’s top 500 executives team tick group eventually did not take a firm market.

data show that the tick group was established in 2010, was ranked tenth in 2011 market share, and later obtained IDG, KPCB and Northern Light Venture Capital and other investment institutions. But in the beginning of last year, it and the localization of life service companies dimensional city merger, the results have not improved, but not as good as before.

tick group staff told reporters that the new business model has not received the notice, after the group purchase can still use coupons, customer feedback will continue to be accepted. But industry insiders believe that the tick group has no market in the group purchase industry has been settled.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center and the leading group network to buy the latest data show that as of the end of last year, the country was born to buy 6246 websites, the number of sites is still operating in the number of 870, the failure rate of up to 86%.

group purchase capital market through the initial heat, a large number of group purchase website in 2012 ushered in the dragons and fishes jumbled together, closures, the industry shuffle out of a large number of enterprises in 2013 and 2014 into the adjustment phase enrichment.

shuffle after the group market concentration increased significantly. At present, the U.S. group, public comment, Wo Wo Group, handle network, glutinous rice nets, Gao Peng net top ten group purchase website has been firmly occupy the dominant position of the market, in the mobile group purchase and 020 is also well positioned. Last year, the top ten trading volume accounted for about 42% of the total market share, buy platform accounted for market share of the other, the number of small and medium sized network and the number of vertical web site transactions accounted for the rest of the market share of. On the other hand, buy the industry consolidation movement has never stopped, and from the small group buying site spread to a second tier camp.

buy a large number of sites does not mean that the reduction in the market to buy, but it is the surge in demand to buy. Data show that last year to buy the market turnover totaled 53 billion 289 million yuan, compared with 2012 rose by 52.8%. Last year, the national consumer spending to buy up to 73 billion 600 million yuan, the group has become one of the main forms of consumer spending.

spell dad era Internet giants can promote the healthy development of


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