Talking about the influence of word of mouth marketing on small and medium enterprises under the new

word-of-mouth marketing is a marketing model, is the extension of fans of economics, is a product of experience or not satisfied with the way of publicity by consumers, marketing mode the myriads of changes in the new era, the only constant is to cultivate customer loyalty. In order to better understand the new era of word of mouth marketing, the following Liu Shugao will take you to understand the original mode of word of mouth marketing.

is the original form of word-of-mouth marketing through acquaintances to word of mouth, along with the economic development, word-of-mouth marketing has also undergone a fundamental change, but the advantage has not changed, low cost, obvious effect. Liu Shugao believes that any time don’t underestimate the word-of-mouth marketing view of some of the original in today’s network multimedia era, its advantages in low cost, spread very powerful, no less than four, now China media portal propaganda power, analysis of its causes, word-of-mouth marketing has two major advantages:

1, timeliness of the message: due to the opposition between the consumer and the operator position, so the operator and then sounding advertising and advertising to convey to the hearts of consumers also greatly discounted. When the consumer receives the operator information, the instinct is in the defense and the rejection mentality. And the word of mouth can be friends or users through the special identity of consumers to eliminate hostility, to achieve the best communication results.

2, the butterfly effect: a butterfly flapping its wings are likely to cause a tornado, what is impossible? "What is not impossible, I’m afraid this is the" Butterfly Effect "to give us the greatest inspiration.

"1998 occurs in Asia and the United States in the stock market after the tornado storm is actually the economic operation of the" Butterfly Effect "; 1998 Pacific appeared on the" El Nino "phenomenon is the atmospheric motion cited" the butterfly effect". "Butterfly Effect" is the manifestation of chaotic motion. When we further study the phenomenon of life, neither fully cycle, nor purely random, they are "locked" to the natural cycle (season, day and night etc.) side, and keep the intrinsic nature of "autonomy". The butterfly effect is chaos theory in an initial condition sensitivity dependence: input small differences will enlarge rapidly to the output end of the overriding difference, like a butterfly wings in Beijing today, may lead to a series of events in the atmosphere, resulting in a New York storm occurred a month." If there is a bad impression, consumers of a product, will make the enterprise influence frustrated by word of mouth.

talked about the traditional marketing, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises that produce good products, let the consumer satisfaction, thus establish a good reputation, so that consumers mouth is word-of-mouth marketing. Liu Shugao believes that, in fact, the manufacture of high quality goods, so that consumers are satisfied with the basic guarantee of word-of-mouth marketing, which is far from enough. Word of mouth marketing as a marketing way, must contain a lot of marketing tactics and implementation skills, but many enterprises created another extreme: word-of-mouth marketing events, manufacturing gimmick to speculation.

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