Baidu know promotion website experience summary

Baidu know the weight of Baidu’s position is quite high, with Baidu encyclopedia almost tied for the first, so do Baidu know, the popularity of the site has a crucial role

Baidu know can not blindly do, to have a certain understanding of their behavior, follow his temper, patience for a long time to do, the following is my personal experience of some of the Baidu summary:

questions and tips:


A, ask questions, do not appear in the same account questions, another account to answer several times, for example, you have 2 accounts, account account a and B, you go to a question with the account, the account B to answer, if several consecutive is a asked B answer, then after a period of time, a question will be deleted

B, the account number of questions and answers can not be the same as the IP, if the question is different with the account to answer, but the same IP, then it will be deleted


C, the question can not be directly released. Generally, a site 2 times then will enter the state audit, is generally 99% with. The answer is not audited by Baidu, can even say no to audit, but directly deleted, but friendly to tell you who he audit.


D, ask questions, answer yourself immediately, the best one or two people answered after you go to answer, and don’t rush to adopt the answer, at least until second days to accept your answer, it can reduce your doubts on Baidu.


Baidu know is more intelligent and human nature, sometimes he can determine what the problem is not advertising, so the title of the questions must be considered, when we ask questions must bring their own imaginary true want to ask people, and don’t put yourself as to promote website, questions and answers the content which can not be direct web site, but should be disguised, here with my online shopping network ( as an example:

Title: where can I know the latest spike Taobao information

question added: who can provide the latest Taobao spike information website ah

Answer: Hello,

vest official Taobao home slide ads are more promotional information, you can also go to the WWW wanggouw com (space transfer point) the famous Taobao shopping site to see, which is updated daily Taobao

latest promotional information

how to get a good ranking of your questions:

your questions and answers have been completed, the answer is adopted, so must remember to push your answer, the more the number of the top, then Baidu will think that this answer is more and more recognized, ranking naturally in front, there is one point to note, when you ask the best not to.

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