Vintage network Moutai to brewmaster network ticket wine prices and electricity supplier strange bed

recently, illegal promotion industry exposed Moutai internal documents on the brewmaster network to open a ticket, what is the cause of the whole network before the promotion period, brewmaster network in the Jingdong mall flagship store low price promotions for Moutai products, disrupt the price system of Moutai terminal.

from the time of reckoning, Moutai hand brewmaster network for less than half a year. In July this year, Kweichow Moutai wine Limited by Share Ltd and brewmaster network announced the relationship of strategic partnership, Moutai’s full line of products sold in the brewmaster network and cooperation with ten appliance business platform. Moutai net is seen as the industry milepost event of liquor vertical business development process, all products of cooperation is the embodiment of the Moutai electric force determination and courage, and once formed the demonstration effect, promote the development of the liquor electricity supplier. But only in a few months after Moutai cooperation on the new "buddy" to open a ticket, and brewmaster network side is said to Moutai’s promotional activities will not stop. This is where we should perhaps but can make nothing of it, do some thinking on the liquor business.

liquor electricity supplier with what sell cheap?

referred to the electricity supplier, we think of the low price, a variety of promotions, low-cost electricity supplier has almost become a fixed label. Large wine enterprises net is nearly two things, but before the traditional liquor companies have exclusive liquor electricity supplier, the impact of one of the main reasons is the fear in the online price of traditional channels. At present, the liquor sales is also very limited, in order to affect the sales of electricity supplier channels and traditional channels, hit the traditional dealer sales confidence, is certainly the The loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, Moutai electricity supplier is more strategic considerations, is to adapt to the strategic layout of the Internet era.

Moutai cooperation with brewmaster network can achieve a win-win situation, the key of Moutai terminal price control system to. From the Moutai to open a ticket, Moutai made to the "comprehensive OCS" preparation is clearly not enough, at least not to "nip in the bud". It also shows from the side, the traditional wine industry and the emerging electricity supplier channels also need a very long run in period. So, what is the price advantage of liquor electricity providers come from?

industry generally believe that the traditional channel dealers layer by layer, too long sales channels to raise the price of liquor terminal, liquor electricity supplier to reduce the cost of the channel to get the price advantage. It is true that the maximum cost of compression channels is a competitive advantage liquor electricity supplier, but in order to infer the cost of liquor electricity supplier, can only be said to know only one of its two. Compared to traditional channels, liquor electricity supplier also has some additional costs. Liquor electricity supplier eliminates the sales terminal store rent, but increased traffic costs.

traditional stores radiation range is fixed, with the number of passenger traffic and different. Once the rent is paid, the people can see your shop, you may become your target customers. Electronic business platform is different, you open a shop on the Internet, you may never find you, you want people to find you, you have to do

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