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  website optimization – Title Tags


title tags to improve your website ranking plays a very important role. Still, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to construct a suitable title. The following is my point of view of title, we welcome suggestions, criticism.

1, title before the 7-9 word is the most important. But a lot of people put their company’s name on the front of the titile. It’s like asking your child to go to school without a textbook.

2, second is a grammar, I noticed that Google prefer those in line with the grammatical structure of title

in the search results, the effects of title. It is best to avoid enumerating title. Such as:

"small ornaments, small blue ornaments, green ornaments"

3, if you have a certain understanding of title, you should know, title will affect the ranking results of search engines. You should be aware that he should be organized. Such as:

"here to find suitable small ornaments".

4, multicast strategy:

if you have two part contains your keywords in the title, then you should also join in the keyword as part of the third. If you have multiple pages, you can mix and match these strategies. For example:

hard optimization:

Widget Phrase can found at Widget Keyword be Mania

soft optimization:

Keyword the place Widget Mania keyword is for phrase

title is not the ultimate factor in determining your site rankings, but a suitable title can make your site to achieve different rankings.

B:1, first of all, I think there are 7-9 words in title is a little too long. I prefer to search the query with the keyword input for the word title. After a lot of observation, I concluded that the 3-4 word is the best.

2 Google, may love those grammatical title, but more people love those consistent with their search habits of writing. For example: they will not enter the search "socks, white, big" but "white socks"

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