Where the network to promote the whole network first payment

told reporters recently, where the network launched the air ticket and hotel "Xianhengpeifu" plan, even as consumers or the result of supplier loss, where the network will take "Xianhengpeifu", to enhance the quality of service. In fact, Chinese as a leader in the online travel industry, where the network in 2012 started the "guarantee" guarantee payment plan, with the development of business, especially the fast development of the hotel where the network business, in order to further enhance the consumer experience, where the network optimization plan, will be "Xianhengpeifu" plan from the ticket extended to the hotel business.

four tickets to ensure safe travel

as early as 2012, where the network launched a full product line travel guarantee pass, and try the first payment program.

now, the first payment has become where the network to protect the trump card travel, favored by consumers.

from the airline ticket business, where the network launched four kinds of security, that is, ticket protection, travel security, refund protection, travel single security.

this is a true case, Ms. Wang during the Spring Festival in where to go online to buy a seventh day from Taiyuan to Shenzhen flight ticket. The plane took off the day before, the agent suddenly called and told her the space flight nervous, she booked the ticket ticket not successfully, advised her to change the flight date. Ms. Wang hurried back to Shenzhen to work, so she went to the network where 10101234 customer service call for help. Where the network customer service query space flight found second days the route of the economy has been sold out, even the first-class cabin seats have been very nervous. In order to ensure the smooth travel passenger service, Ms. Wang immediately booked a first-class cabin ticket, 3000 yuan price upgrades borne by where the network, in accordance with the provisions of compensation Wang 500 yuan.

is through the layers of security that, where the network makes the ticket sales in the three quarter of 2013 began ranked first, then, where the network will be the successful model copied to the field of hotel.

first payment expanded to the hotel business

      it is understood that, as of the third quarter of 2014, where the network can be booked hotel coverage of the world’s total number of tens of thousands of, where to go directly to the hotel network signed up to million.

due to the standardization of goods, the hotel’s largest complaints are concentrated in the room. Where the network for the consumer pain points, the introduction of a housing security plan, that is, consumers have no room for the purchase of housing security order no longer have to worry about the store.

where the network security plan is far more than this. Even the supplier’s own problems, where the network will provide appropriate compensation to ensure that the consumer experience.

another real case is: as a result of the agency business entry errors, resulting in room and price discrepancies, was originally 7109 yuan of superior rooms, the price is

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