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online without SEO has been for several years, I came to be a promotion to share the experience, at first I did not know what to say. I have sorted out the train of thought, or hard scalp and we do share. Today is improvisation, not usually write their own articles, but also slowly modified to finish. What statement is unreasonable and typos when you forgive me.

1, the idea is to do network promotion. 2, I do SEO experience. I believe that these two points, all friends can be used on the site. Do so long after the network promotion, network promotion is actually done in three steps, as long as the analysis of these three points clear, the effect of the promotion will not be too bad. Often have a friend asked me how to promote their website, I was fast through these three steps to think, to give them a simple idea. Because of this, I also mentioned in the previous article, today, and then simply over, with the focus on the next part of the SEO.

website promotion ideas:

first point: clear the site for the user base

the first point is the best grasp, as a personal webmaster, do this site, it should be clear understanding of their site for the user base. If it is to enter the new promotion network company do, do promotion work, must first understand the company website product, user group for what can go to study, can also ask directly in the company’s old staff. Clear the first point in order to start the next operation.

second points: investigate the main places where users gather online

, for example, a local portal, where their target users.

1: a variety of professional local forums (there are a lot of local forums, such as the Xiamen small fish forum, Hangzhou, 19 floor, etc.).


2: large forum of the local version of the area (such as the end of the city and so on some version of the District, Baidu post bar and so on the city version)

3: look at the various types of local QQ group (such as fellow, friends group, interest group)

4: integrated portal in the local plate (such as Tencent in Chongqing, there is a local portal in Xi’an, Xinhua also has local channels)

5: local local portal (this does not say that we also know that there is a competitive relationship, not easy to bring users)

in the short term, we must do a good job of research, clear what your users are mainly on the Internet, so that you can quickly know where to go.

third points: research to attract users to promote the means

actually want to second points, completely clear, is not an easy thing. But the key is the third step. How to attract these users from those places, is to use the forum to promote, site cooperation, content exchange, or SEO/SEM>

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