80% marketing planning is difficult to work just because these 4 things are not done

2015 New Year’s Eve, I came alone to Jiuzhai, stay in a small hotel called "Jiuzhaigou fairy tale". The hotel is 15 minutes away from Mizoguchi, is that the hotel is actually more like this is a B & B & B, brother master.

More than 5

in the evening, my brother said he received invitation in here to provide meal service. The dining room or the fire, the air was filled with Backpackers, everywhere sitting around chatting, an enjoyable atmosphere. I noticed that the walls were covered in a variety of colors of the index, set out to see the past, all the passengers left behind it, between the lines are nostalgia and gratitude.


also occurs in Ctrip online, this is no star, but not linked to the B & B, received more than 1 thousand and 700 comments, the praise of the 4.8 points. If you look carefully, you will find that each comment is hundreds of words, not perfunctory.

when I left, I asked the elder brother, you did what before the industry, he said that he is a local, before opening the hotel. I asked him, you know the word of mouth marketing and fans economy? He said I’ve never heard of fan marketing, I just want the customer to my store, then I will try to do a good job of service, let him feel comfortable.

the official website has not even shop, but also learned without teacher flexibility in the use of the Internet thinking. Some people ask, do you tell the story and the theme of today?.

We talk about

Internet plus today, thinking about the Internet, talk about marketing marketing, a variety of tall words: O2O, P2P, networking, 28, the theory of community electricity supplier… As if as long as we understand the theory, master to success, the reality is that the fans economy and word-of-mouth marketing done well, often not the internet.

whether it is to do the new media, Internet plus, or do the marketing, planning, combat is very important. I am most fortunate that, after the engineering into the media, the content of marketing experience, so I have enough opportunities to combat. Today’s share, but also based on the case I have done, refining the method may not be enough system, but after verification.

revealed: a marketing event backstage

first to talk about a case, in late August last year, there is a programmer to encourage division of the topic to occupy the headlines. This marketing, in 0 the cost to achieve the more than 1 thousand mainstream media reports, won billions of dollars of exposure.

we analyze the context of this event:


event is the source of the Chongqing evening news and the city express graphic reports, followed by large Chongqing network, Hualong, Chongqing and other mainstream portals headlines reproduced, triggering hot Internet users and hundreds of media continued to reprint.

August 21st, NetEase headlines for the second wave of reports, and subsequently boarded Tencent, Sina, >

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