2009 SARFT shut down 569 websites investigated and dealt with 826

Beijing, January 14, SARFT posted on the website of the Bureau spokesman Hong Zhu answer a reporter’s question article, Hong Zhu said that in 2009, SARFT has dealt with 826 illegal websites, shut down 569 websites.

January 12th, 13, 2009, the National Radio and television work conference held in Beijing in 2010. In conjunction with the meeting, SARFT spokesman Hong Zhu on the 2009 radio and television work and the radio and television program in 2010 to answer a reporter’s question.

Hong Zhu introduced in 2009, said the results of the year, in 2009, film and television drama and animation gratifying achievements. Produced 450 movies, box office more than 6 billion yuan, an increase of 40%, domestic films continue to occupy the leading position in the domestic market, the emergence of "the founding of a republic" and a number of the main theme of both popular and critically acclaimed film. TV production 12 thousand sets, further improve the overall quality. TV animation output of 170 thousand minutes, the film animation of the 23. China Film Group, the movie channel and other units created more than 2 thousand small mobile phone movies and network drama.

Hong Zhu, 2009 in rural film screenings of 7 million 500 thousand, more than 1 billion 800 million visitors audience.

Hong Zhu also said that in 2009 the SARFT by law management, scientific management, to carry out the work to resist the vulgar wind, to increase the intensity of the investigation, the implementation of the exit mechanism, regulate the broadcast order. Strengthen the management of advertising play, carry out illegal medical treatment and drug advertising special action, strengthen the TV shopping ads, home shopping programs and TV shopping channel management. Strengthen the management of TV series. Strengthen the management of new media, strengthen Internet audio-visual program service license management, investigate and deal with illegal websites 826, shut down 569 websites.

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