Seize the opportunity to meet the challenges of venture capital media said 3 million angel investme

financing is not only a kind of inspection and recognition of the strength of capital, but also the opportunity and opportunity for enterprises to get ahead. In July 6th, Hugo announced its neighbor spread, "said" the media of venture capital and entrepreneurial brand communication service platform "in the neighborhood", to obtain a total of 3 million yuan angel investment.

is reported that the angel investment mainly comes from Hong Thailand silver investment, Jun purple capital, Yue Yu investment, venture capital new media group, the forefront of entrepreneurship, the new joint office unbounded space. At the same time to participate in the investment and the logic of thinking co-founder, scene lab founder Wu Sheng, senior media people, the media community "copycat conference" founder Yang Miao, the famous TV presenter Yao Changsheng and other financial.



in the adjacent media was founded in March of this year, by the leading joint office and business accelerator Hugo workshop ", founder of Dr. Mao Daqing and chief marketing officer of the core team members launched a super high. As an important part of business ecosystem service Hugo workshop, a wider entrepreneurial venture capital groups to provide news reports, and is committed to startups and entrepreneurs to provide brand planning, marketing, promotion and other integrated services. "The words" media ventures (youyan-utalk), the original "interface" and "Global Entrepreneur" senior media person gisiko co founded and served as editor in chief, focusing on the new economy and the business field of venture capital, through text, pictures, video, broadcast and other forms, to help entrepreneurs speak their own stories, create more entrepreneurs IP effective channels, investors and entrepreneurs to build, readers share.


said" officially launched more than a month, has released 18 feature articles, including a move on Huang Jianxiang, music entrepreneur, Jiang Hua, won the super girl Xu Fei Kunlun e bag wash Lu Wenyong, storm VR Huang Xiaojie, Song Zhongjie, Liang Feng tick carpool Wyatt laps, winning network, Dai Zheng PILO founder of the famous DJ Garfield music pillow the (Wang Zhong) and many other cross-border entrepreneurs depth interview reports. In addition, the word also reached a strategic cooperation with the Chinese consumers to the new media, the creation of China’s consumer network opened a time news column, together with the new economy in the field of innovation and innovation in the field of consumption.

"in the neighborhood" is a new brand communication service platform focused on entrepreneurial projects and enterprises, in the face of venture company brand from 0 to 1, is not clear on the spread of cognition and demand, homogeneity, low budgets vary greatly spread the pain point, "O" communication built on "experience resource sharing" based on the communication service Crowdsourcing and trading platform. Unlike the traditional PR company, "neighbor" spread through in-depth understanding and analysis of start-up companies in the brand communication needs, selection and matching of a group of senior professionals and institutions as the external public relations brand marketing brand experts, and docking quality marketing and media resources, providing brand positioning, communication strategy, public relations creative marketing and communication project implementation of a full range of services to enterprises. < >

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