Lei Jun has written 300 high quality posts do need 7 words on nternet


millet founder Lei Jun (micro-blog) (Tencent Technology Photo by)

Tencent Francisco (month old) April 7th news, today morning, founder of millet, angel investor Lei Jun in 2012 at the annual meeting of China Internet webmaster said, the Internet is not a technology, is a concept, is a kind of methodology. This is a "focus, extreme, reputation," seven words, he is the founder of millet seven words formula, also helped more than and 20 companies venture.

at the conference, Lei Jun said, previously, HTC Wang Xuehong claimed to do fine, the Barcelona exhibition, HTC is still the three mobile phone. This is their lack of focus, lack of confidence.

good things are not afraid of plagiarism. But millet icon can not reach the level of iPhone." Lei Jun said, reputation is not good, not cheap, the essence is beyond the user’s expectations. A few months ago, because the sales volume is too high, making millet phone no invoices. Finally, send greeting cards and mobile phone film, good service link."

yesterday is the two anniversary of millet. Today, Lei Jun said, millet team now reached 700-800. This is my first time to participate in the general assembly." Lei Jun said, the rise of China’s Internet, when I was 30 years old, once a day in the forum to write the 300 posts, but there is no water."

Lei Jun recalled, in 2004, he clicks on the Jinshan advertising links, found that errors often occur, not a small probability event.

2012 the annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster was held at the Beijing International Conference Center today (). The theme of the meeting is to seek a win-win development of the community by boat to the Sea Cloud era, the issue includes the platform to start business, mobile new opportunities, win-win cloud era, etc..

in addition, Congress has placed on the Internet product demonstration and Internet marketing services two venue, and awarded the "Chinese most influential local community website", "the most influential Chinese vertical community website" series of awards.

Lei Jun in 2012 owners meeting of the speech:

Lei Jun: Thank you. Good morning.

yesterday was indeed a very important day for me, two big things. The first is the two anniversary of millet, millet from established two years ago to the current development of the scale of 700800 people, on the one hand it should go for two years or very smooth, on the other hand, we have overcome many difficulties and problems. So, yesterday is a relatively large celebration of millet company. Second, yesterday, we also released a millet mobile telecommunications contract machine, so yesterday was very excited. That is a bit cold yesterday, then I can talk a relatively heavy, please understand.

is the first time I come to the webmaster general assembly, the original > why be long in coming?

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