End of the registration fee to advertise the webmaster who also go

"Tianya registered members of the forum, even for a yuan integrity certification fee is not reasonable!" yesterday, Ms. Xu log on Tianya forum, in the process of registration, find the need to use the certification to the post, but also need to deduct a yuan of money from the mobile phone. In this regard, the interpretation of the Tianya community is to purify the network environment, improve the threshold.

indeed, log on Tianya, enter a new user name registration, the account was successfully established, the site immediately jump out of a new interface, "your account has been set up there, but not after the integrity authentication, browsing the site, can not use the post replies and other functions."

The integrity authentication operation

‘s website, written by mobile phone SMS 80##, sent to the 1066####, will receive a 12 bit code containing Tianya integrity (digital) message, and then received into the integrity code Tianya Tianya integrity code submitted under the column, the success of receiving information, one yuan a tariff (excluding communication fee), no billing information not received by the operator, cost collection.

Tianya a staff member said, because the site did not set the threshold, a few netizens malicious registered account, the Tianya community as a release of free advertising, also released some illegal information, and even abuse the harassment of others. Mobile phone number is facing a terminal user, enter the phone number for integrity authentication, users can appropriately improve the threshold of registration, the registered members of the Internet users will not be unbridled on the forum. Only through the integrity authentication of the user, in order to give other user comments, comments, post replies or the use of more products.

webmaster do you have any views on the end of the horizon? Please comment on the article decentralization!

editorial comment: in fact, a lot of network promotion methods, not necessarily to the world to send advertising, and this time the skyline set, not all is to prevent the webmaster of publicity, but the webmaster in the usual daily network publicity, publicity as far as possible the use of models and methods so as to build a healthy. A harmonious and healthy network culture environment

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