High street network announced the closure of 6 digit value of domain name gaojie com

renamed China (eName.cn) July 15th, executive vice president Li Yun founded the high turnover street network YOKA, founded only 2 years time, but recently the official announcement that due to the company’s business direction, stop operating high street network. Using the high street network official domain name gaojie.com is acquired from the hands of Cai Wensheng, the domain name trading price of up to 6 digits.

high street network

high street network formerly high street fashion network, officially launched in September 2011, the year of high street fashion network intends to acquire the "high street" Larry.Cn domain name gaojie.cn, but because the bid is too low not to buy into, after registered in June "gaojie100" series of domain names, including the gaojie100.com/.cn/.com.cn domain name.

it is understood that at the time of high street fashion network to help gaojie100 series of domain name website, but due to the effect of combination of domain name or not, and finally acquired the main domain name.COM gaojie.com launched a high street fashion, and the protection of the domain name gaojie.cn. High street network heavily to protect the brand domain name, designed to create the world’s most famous online collection of the world’s most popular online shopping mall.

high street fashion net is famous sale website for users to find cost-effective fashion brands, and provide practical guidance and suggestions for collocation of users, as well as the domestic and foreign fashion brands to create a joint exclusive custom products. But the passage of time, things change, in June 20th this year, the high street network (gaojie.com) announced the closure of the site, and to alert the user if your account remains in balance, please as soon as possible to complete the withdrawal."

coincidentally, on the same day, the electricity supplier website Tianpin net (tianpin.com) also said that due to business restructuring, now will no longer provide the original brand sale service, but insiders say beauty has confirmed the acquisition of Tianpin net and Iron Chef shook.

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