Ministry of industry requires the filing of APP caused concern facing the implementation of the dile


in December 11th, the Ministry of brewing APP record a message in the mobile Internet sector caused a great disturbance, some developers worried that this policy will hinder the development of the mobile Internet market, some Internet practitioners questioned the Ministry of supervision, and even comments directly called APP filing system is two.

number of developers do not want to disclose the name, said that if each APP on the line and update to the record, which will delay the development process. Developers suspect that the Ministry of industry where there are so many people and energy to review each APP?

Jinshan excellent computer information station, the world network, mobile phone home, ECSHOP software founder Gao Chunhui lashed out at such a policy is two.

well-known lawyer Zhao Zhanling said: the APP is still necessary to monitor, jurisprudence, involving violence, piracy, brush ranking is very common. But still have a good grasp of the regulatory discretion, "regardless of the chaos, a death" issue."

yesterday, the Ministry of telecommunications economic expert committee secretary general Chen Jinqiao said in an interview: "the Ministry is to establish a long-term evaluation system, evaluation and inspection on the intelligent mobile phone applications, built-in software, and the relevant national laboratories and institutes are involved. Followed by the third party platform should be incorporated into the management, set up to record the operation to be regulated. And the operation of the platform itself should be required, especially for personal application developers should be included in the management system, such as the real name authentication." (Lei Feng)

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