Today’s online advertising should be aimed at who

      new network group

      network groups in the form of the network has already existed, the group mainly young people as the backbone. With the passage of time, such a network group is gradually replaced by the 80 generation. Those who have worms began on the age, the original family business network owners began to degenerate, although they are more network experience for the network also has a special feeling, but on the other hand they are no longer the network has the spending power of the population. They are very cautious in their spending, and it is very difficult to make their money, and I don’t want to explain a lot of things here.

      from the above analysis we can see that the real sense of the network economy can be driven by the network to be a new group – 80 years later. Their money is not their own, and may not be very abundant, but the idea of this generation is completely different than their predecessors, so many people will now discuss the phenomenon of 80.

      the best audience of online advertising

      they are the concept of the Internet is often not their parents or a previous generation network group (as real money through the network or just look at the news of the general entertainment is their parents, they use the Internet Internet concept) is purely for self entertainment, their consumption is amazing, this we can Brean Murray Carret& Co a China Internet Dynamic Growth report to understand. 05 years, China’s online game revenue of $4.7 billion, the number of online games registered for the number of 26 million. Brean Murray Carret& Co expects this figure will grow 4 times in the next 5 years. The majority of these registered people for young people, that is, after 80 generations, we can see how much of the network spending power.

      the most profitable media in the network to be regarded as a piece of online advertising, and online advertising to make money must be able to catch the eyes of netizens. Now, after 80 years of rapid development of the network is the best advertising display skills to the full audience. Online advertising can be targeted at them, they will be drawn up to become their largest support groups. To do this professional online advertisers have to study their psychological characteristics and online behavior, so as to make the most effective online advertising

      how to get their support

      the goal is there, and we’re going to think about it

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