One of China’s largest rich help is about to be born

      over the past 8 years, Ma has said he is gai. At that time, the Alibaba is not listed, when Baidu and other Internet companies on the net worth of millions of employees, employees of Alibaba only envy. At that time, Alibaba’s customers are small and medium enterprises, Baidu search services to buy expensive, not to mention the traditional advertising. " Alibaba is poor for the poor. " Ma said.

      today, Alibaba group’s B2B business subsidiary will soon be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. After the listing, everything will be completely changed. The issue price of 12 Hong Kong dollars, Alibaba 4900 employees Alibaba holds 443 million 500 thousand shares, total market value of HK $5 billion 322 million, nearly 1000 employees will be more than HK $1 million net worth of the rich.

      one of China’s largest wealthy people will be born.

      thousands of rich help

      according to the preliminary prospectus provided by Alibaba: Alibaba’s total share capital of 5 billion 50 million shares, the public offering of 858 million 900 thousand shares. Different with the previous market generally expected 8-10 HK inquiry interval, the Alibaba was finally determined in the price range of HK 10-12 per share, in accordance with the upper limit of the IPO pricing, Alibaba will raise the maximum of HK $10 billion 300 million. This compared to the previously expected $1 billion financing increased $320 million.

      to the issue price ceiling of HK $12 per share, Alibaba B2B market capitalization of approximately HK $60 billion 600 million. In China Internet Corporation, the market value of such a second only to the current market capitalization of about HK $98 billion, as well as Baidu’s approximately $10 billion 400 million, with the listing of Lenovo Group in Hongkong, HK $63 billion 700 million market capitalization. But the latter three least have been listed for more than two years.

      B2B business subsidiary company after the listing, 4900 employees of the Alibaba will hold a total of 404 million 68 thousand and 311 shares, 39 million 191 thousand and 742 shares shares and 250 thousand and 767 shares of restricted shares, totaling 443 million 500 thousand shares. According to the average holding 4900 people, per capita net worth more than HK $1 million, but in absolute terms, actually will have more than HK $1 million worth of employees, nearly 1000 people.

      in the listed company, Ma holds 189 million shares, with a stock value of HK $2 billion 268 million. It is reported that he is only a symbolic shareholding in B2B listed companies.


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