Nora jurisprudence case investigation a super cow website how to fall

"we are wrong, may be more serious mistake, to the dissemination of bad information to provide convenience, but also the lack of effective supervision of bad information. As the Internet practitioners, the lack of legal ethics is no technical innovation can not be covered up." September 2014, Beijing detention center in Haidian, Wang Xin laments.

August 8, 2014, Nora’s legal representative fled abroad 110 days of people and general manager Wang Xin was arrested returning Shenzhen Nora Technology Limited dissemination of pornographic materials create a great sensation profit case investigation results declared so far, and recently was transferred by law to send prosecutors prosecution.

started relying on technology, with the rapid spread of bad content network dissemination. This has been known over 400 million users, the market share of the country’s first super cow site is how a step toward destruction of


covers the criminal facts under the veil of technology

"search movies, point to open the site, fast play, ‘artifact’ achievement legend." This is Nora player slogan, but also the secret Nora company to settle down.

achieve fast play magic is P2P technology. This technology allows users to watch the video while downloading online, at the same time, the video is also used as a seed for more users to share. Based on this technology, the player can effectively reduce the bandwidth occupied, save the user’s buffer time, so once launched will be welcomed by the market. However, this provides network storage space, playing transmission channels for others to upload and download video mode soon became pirated movies and pornographic video spreading hotbed Nora artifact of the wild nickname spread like wildfire.

Wang Xin claimed that Nora player is not designed for pornographic video, the purpose is to allow users to get a better use experience. But Nora constantly improved technology to cater to, but it is about playing pornographic video user experience".

The public security bureau public security corps deputy chief Fan Hongyu

in Beijing city is responsible for investigating Nora dissemination of pornographic materials case told reporters, Nora company to build more than 2000 servers in the country, in the server network copy the downloaded video and posted to their QVOD network through the QVOD index server can easily find want to see the video files; our company has also developed a popular video automatic storage technology, where more than 10 times click video, it automatically uploaded to the company’s storage server for more people to watch, and this hot video to be pornographic video. From being seized more than ten units Nora server, the police have found tens of thousands of pornographic video files.

jurisprudence and face accusations of piracy, Wang Xin always only technical, not the contents to stall, and the internal staff of ignorance. Fan Hongyu said, the ad hoc group surveyed 120 employees Nora, has more than 30 employees confirmed that the company knowingly server to store a large number of pornographic videos, there are more than 40 employees said they would play with Nora too obscene "

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