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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 2nd news, yesterday (July 1) Beauty Group announced a major organizational adjustment, will set up new takeaway delivery business group and the hotel tourism business group, Wang Huiwen and Chen Liang respectively as president of the two major business groups.

in this adjustment, the United States mission to set up a new takeaway distribution business group, Wang Huiwen served as president of the business group. U.S. mission said the takeaway business has covered 250 cities in the country, the daily orders exceeded 2 million 300 thousand single. Moreover, the United States takeaway takeaway takeaway as the core, extended to fruits and vegetables, convenience stores, drugs, desserts and other new category distribution. The newly established takeaway delivery business group, will be responsible for the delivery platform and distribution platform construction, further improve the takeaway service system.

U.S. mission, said the organization of the United States to highlight the organization of the takeaway, distribution platform and the construction of holiday travel platform, and extensive cooperation with the downstream industry. This will attract more external partners and the United States to carry out a variety of forms of cooperation, and further promote the United States mission to become a platform, eco companies.

according to the U.S. mission network, the U.S. group was founded five years ago, the number of employees from more than 1 thousand has grown to 15 thousand people, ranging from business development to the group purchase takeaway, hotels, movies and other multiple O2O segments of last year, the U.S. group net turnover exceeded 46 billion yuan, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang is expected this year, the United States mission the transaction volume will exceed 100 billion yuan, the next five years will achieve trillion yuan.

The United States mission at this year’s

meeting, Wang Xingceng said, "2015 is the focus of the U.S. mission network built on the platform, the construction of the ecological year." In April this year, the U.S. Group officially launched open platform, increase the "door" entrance, access, housekeeping, car beauty care and other categories of service providers. Insiders believe that the current ecological relationship, the traditional mode of group buying has been caught in a vicious cycle of low price competition, businesses and platforms tied to each other, competing for the game, the platform has entered the subsidy cycle.

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