Marketing is the key to promote

      tools have, how to use this tool, how to play his role. We put this part of the work to promote it. The wine is also afraid of deep alley. Don’t take the initiative, it was so. My promotion strategy is: online promotion line combination. Simultaneous.

      online promotion:

      this is actually a number of methodological issues, what website alliance, mailing list, a variety of advertising, resource exchange, in doing so you are all fine but the. I can not say more. But one thing I have to mention is the promotion of the engine. In this regard, I do not suggest that we actually buy what the auction, what traffic advertising. That will only increase costs. Why not use our technology to deal with. SEO search engine optimization, we are not unfamiliar to this, before the fire, because as long as the engine technology, will have his presence, they are the relationship between hosts and parasites in this I: a protracted war on SEO, this article talked about. Moreover, engine technology has been recognized as a new model of the network. Who mastered the technology, who will win the network. See GG is so.

      in practice, it is not difficult to find that, in BAIDU, GG, Taobao, eBay, Alibaba of the keyword ", are generally easy to appear in the front row of the first page, this is actually not with BAIDU, GG advertising, but their technical processing, SEO processing authority. They can do it, so can we. The effect can be imagined, the cost is their own technology. This is what I mentioned before, the website construction to promote service. This is the truth. Disclaimer, I mentioned that SEO is not junk SEO. Is a reasonable optimization, is acceptable to engine technology, the risk will not bear to be blocked.

      on the whole, the promotion of online is the method. A lot of, as long as their own mining, there will be unexpected results. For example: bundled services, membership email, member SMS, BLOG marketing, online instant service, etc.. Will bring us more potential customers.

      what we’re going to talk about is the combination of offline:

      we are engaged in the traditional industry of network information services, we are based on the network, but this is not isolated, must be combined with the traditional market channels. So as to help speed up our market influence. Comprehensively promote. In the field of network marketing, I recommend the mode is: website + + online exhibition. This is the direction of each point of profit, this is the real combination of traditional and network. Exhibition can be the next line of business supply and demand meeting, also