SNS promotion a Sunday P588 PV3638 follow up articles

some time ago to share a little SNS to promote a Sunday IP588 PV3638 experience, the original address This article is an extension of SNS Sunday IP588 PV3638 article, I hope you can better and more easily with the event marketing. The article is happy to learn and use the Ancient Chinese Literature Search, is now Lecture Room hit the "mystery of Ceng Shiqiang Ching, the first to explain Ac=show& id=41.




see the index of it, from 0 to more than 4 thousand, which is the key to the new event marketing, because there is no competition. The focus on how to put the word more than 4 thousand Google second. First, you want to find your site on the same theme, the most cattle BBS, also is the news source, trying to mix a moderator, the webmaster to do you should not be difficult. Google is mainly for the text. This is a skill, after all, is not your own forum, it is easy to be considered AD.

the first step to disperse your theme post


then send a post demonstration: the mystery by our (a) what is the book? This truly understandable, a stick out to facilitate learning.

by our mystery: Lecture Room

October 7, 2009 -10 12, Zeng Shiqiang to bring the new "book of changes" mystery to Lecture Room, please pay attention.

The mystery of

by our (a) what is the book

The mystery of

by our (two) what is the Yin and Yang

The mystery of

by our (three) what is Taiji Tid=535228& extra=page%3D1

found a little trick, because the front of the theme of the dispersed, here to create opportunities. In front of the text is what I want to optimize the theme, the back of the link is the address of the forum. The general administrator is not too large, and you are the moderator, the general manager is tolerant. This is the reason why you mix a moderator. Using the same method to send four or five forums should be almost. If you hard-working, when >