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Chong crown anger for copyright." Video industry struggles to upgrade again, the war is also competing for the market share of the business to compete for copyright, and the two protagonist is the music and millet.

on Friday, the Beijing Haidian court, millet box "The Flowers Of War" infringement LETV, "I am special forces" and 7 video works the right to network dissemination of information, to 150 thousand yuan compensation letv. For the judgment, millet company issued a statement in June 30th responded that millet box access is iCNTV (the future of film and television) platform, program acquisition by iCNTV management, source compliance. Millet will be the future of television with iCNTV, the facts of the first instance verdict and the application of the law to communicate and consider, timely decision whether to appeal.

millet once again triggered a strong response to the music network. LETV yesterday afternoon, once again issued a statement, please millet company in the face of the verdict, immediately stop the infringement, according to the law, as the music to apologize for compensation. LETV also said that the evidence has mastered millet as the music as another more than and 500 movies, television infringement evidence, the recent lawsuit will be filed. Music, as said in a statement, millet infringement facts clear, the court justice, I hope to immediately stop the infringement millet. At the same time, the music, as well as evidence to grasp the millet as the other more than and 500 film and television drama as evidence of infringement.

fact, as one of a bitter enemy in the industry long-standing, millet and music as the competition in the TV box, TV on the Internet, both described as more intense competition. The millet company also frequently encounter copyright disputes, causing the industry inside and outside the saliva. In August 2013, thunder on Millet technology lawsuit, saying the products millet box content infringement, piracy of its film "martial arts" "embarrassed" Thailand in September 2013, Hunan satellite TV; prosecution millet boxes piracy his trump card program "every day"; October 2013, Youku potatoes group sued millet infringement case on 10 plays on demand. And millet box to immediately stop the infringement, a public apology and compensation for 5 million 100 thousand yuan; then sued millet Coship box part of its set-top box technology patents alleged plagiarism, the two sides set off the war of words. It is worth noting that LETV prosecution in all stolen millet box for the first time in cases of successful broadcast case in favor of the case means that the future of the terminal in the box, even if the infringing content providers, terminal manufacturers will also bear the corresponding responsibility.

morning news reporter Han Yuanjia

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– September 15, 2009, Sohu,, excellent friends Bullock jointly launched the "China network video anti piracy alliance, announced on Youku 503 domestic TV drama brought to litigation, claims up to 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan. September 17th >