Since the comparison of the major media platforms how to choose the new media platform

now from the media platform to have? What are their advantages and disadvantages to people from the media? How should we choose from these media platforms? How is through these media platform to operate from the media we? This article will be revealed for you.

but let everyone before reading this article, I should let everyone know what is from the media platform, if the platform from the media do not know what is it, this article also white writing, readers also looked white, so I should say, must also say is what is from the media platform.

what is a media platform?

To understand what is the

platform from the media, I first understand what is from the media, if you do not understand, please go to the "Heinze: why should I do from the media research institute" in a look.

what is a media platform,


from the media platform is able to provide a media from people to express their views, views and ideas of the platform, such as micro-blog, WeChat, blog. That from the media platform specific what?

QQ space, have QQ know.



Tencent micro-blog

WeChat public platform

major blog (Sina blog, Sohu blog)…


light blog (dot net, NetEase Lofter)

independent blog (to buy their own domain name server and procedures, but the general procedure for free, such as WordPress)

from the media platform interactive contrast

first, we first make the first since the most important interactive contrast media, because the interaction is necessary since the media, and is an essential feature of the most important, but the individual self media platform does not understand the close interaction, this is tantamount to suicide". Then we look at the above interactive platform from the media and how is it



through the picture, we can come to the conclusion, from the media interaction intensity contrast, probably as follows:

QQ space > WeChat public number and micro-blog > independent blog > Tencent micro-blog > light blog > major blog.

Real time comparison of

from media platform

from the media platform, which is a real-time news of the interaction between the media and fans is very necessary.


through this comparison, we can come to the conclusion that: WeChat public platform is the strongest real-time.

from the media platform search engine friendly contrast

finally, we